Lies. Taxes. Deceit.

When Will the Lying End?

He Loves Money…

Lobbyist Zack Space’ campaign is full of conflicts and full of non-Ohio special interests.

Out of state money - Total: $412,232

Special Interests - Total: $754,889

Out of State and Special Interest Money Combined - Total $1,001,802

Over 2/3 of lobbyist Zack Space’s money is from out of Ohio and from special interest groups!

What are they buying from lobbyist Zack Space?

He Said What?

Lobbyist Zack Space said he wouldn’t take money from special interests subject to the auditor’s investigatory and audit authority.

Once again, lobbyist Zack Space says one thing and does another.

Money from People Subject to His Audit Authority Total: $287,148

Zack Space took over a quarter million dollars from people he is supposed to audit. 

Isn’t that a conflict of interest?

He Doesn’t Understand It…

Zack Space put out a plan to audit charter schools, revealing he didn’t know the job he is running for is already responsible for auditing all public schools.

Space also wants to audit international trade deals, something the Auditor of State’s office has no say in.1

He supported it…

Zack Space stood with President Obama’s $787 billion bailout of Wall Street, giving millions in bonuses to Wall Street CEO’s.2

While in congress, Zack Space voted for the Cap & Trade law which would have cost Ohio over 100 thousand jobs and increased the cost of electricity for residents.3

He took it…

On the same day that he voted for a job killing bill, Zack Space took a $14 thousand donation from Nancy Pelosi.4

After saying that Zack would take no money from lobbyists, he turned around and took donations. Once he was voted out of office, Zack became a lobbyist himself.5


He failed Ohio…

Zack Space was found to have lied to voters multiple times in a ruling by the Ohio Elections Commission.6

Zack Space
Lied to Us

The Pinocchio of Ohio
Cannot Be Trusted

*Yes, we used an Ohio Democratic Party mashup tactic to make this parody photo while we await an actual photo from Zack’s personal collection.

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